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7 tips on packing for your honeymoon

by | 31 December 2016 | Honeymoons & Travel

Oh, the honeymoon. When the stress of getting married is finally waning, at long last you get your first holiday as a married couple. Hopefully you are jetting off somewhere spectacular, and hopefully, you are planning lots of alone time. So make sure you keep the holiday as stress-free as possible and take a look at our ultimate guide to packing for your honeymoon.

1.Destination specific

Now obviously your suitcase essentials will depend completely on where you are going. Beach destinations call for swimwear on tap, while ski resorts require lots of layers and specialist kit. Prepare your packing list depending on your destination; we won’t insult your intelligence by giving you a list of obvious essentials, but we will offer our tried and tested advice so you can think about some of the added honeymoon extras…

Packing a suitcase

2.Travel in style

Eight-hour flight or 30-minute car journey, everyone wants to feel special as they jet off for their honeymoon. Plan your outfit so you’re not rushing on the day. Keep it comfortable but elegant, and remember to layer up if you’re travelling from one climate to another.

Boarding a plane in style

3.Dress up

Your honeymoon will likely be filled with romantic dinners and dreamy drinks, so make sure you have some ravishing evening wear for the occasion. Ladies, there is a reason the little black dress is notorious. Find your LBD soulmate and you can take it to several nights out, changing the look each time with your accessories. Alternatively, go for modern evening separates, choose a full-length lace skirt and mix and match it with crop tops, shell tops and embroidered vests and it’ll work twice as hard. Gentleman, pack a pair of suit trousers and mix and match them across a capsule wardrobe that includes a good shirt, a cashmere sweater, a plain t-shirt and a smart casual blazer. Or if you’re heading to hotter climes, look to a smart linen shirt or a short sleeved shirt to wear with chinos and boater shoes.

Couple dressed up for the evening

4.Lusty lingerie

There are no surprises here, it’s your honeymoon, and we all know what that means. Nighties, boxer shorts, twin sets or novelty pants, make sure you pack something special and make sure it has you feeling fabulous.

Sexy underwear

5.Music is magic

Whether you’re setting the mood for drinks in your hotel room, or heading to the beach for some sunbathing, bring a mini speaker and a playlist of all your favourite songs to create that perfect backdrop.

Wireles speaker

6.Let me entertain you

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much time on your hands. If you’ve booked a honeymoon of pure relaxation, by day three or four, you might start getting a little restless. Pack some entertainment, whether it’s reading material, games or a travel guide. Surprise your spouse with their favourite magazine, pick out a book they will love, or find the next best thing in couples’ gaming.

Women reading on a beach

7.Record it

Invest in a GoPro, buy a travel diary or clear some space on your camera phone, just make sure you have something to record the memories. Also keep any ticket stubs, tour guides, matches, brochures… anything you can put in a keepsake box when you get home; there’s nothing better than going through it on your anniversary and reminiscing.

Couple taking a selfie

So there we have it, some must-haves for your first adventure as a married couple. Is there anything you would add to our list to make the honeymoon better? Give us your suggestions in the comments box below.

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