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Keeping focused and not overspending

by | 26 November 2016 | Planning

The world is full of wedding inspiration. Whether you’re browsing through table decor photos on Pinterest, or you’re cruising notonthehighstreet’s perfect finishing touches, it’s easy to get carried away. The only problem is, once you start looking into all these irresistible extras, the cost can start to spiral. Read on for our tried and tested tips from brides and grooms to help keep your budget intact and avoid the dreaded overspending.

Record everything

It’s easy to get carried away on little extras here and there, but these will soon add up. It is worth keeping a record of everything you spend. Our very own founders Kerry and Alasdair are keen advocates of the spreadsheet.

“Even if something cost me a penny it went in the spreadsheet, as those little things add up!”

Whether you’re an Excel enthusiast or you fancy a pretty wedding planning journal, make sure you record every last detail.

Wedding budget spreadsheets

Do it yourself

Websites like Pinterest and Instagram are all about inspiration, so get creative and use them to inspire your own finishing touches. Whether you create centrepieces so you can cut back the flower bill, or make your own invites, a few projects will go a long way. Bride Sarah advises you keep the load light.

“Don’t give yourself too much to do at once. Spend a couple of evenings a week doing little jobs and give yourself plenty of time and you won’t start to resent the load and end up paying for a professional anyway!”

Man and woman looking at a long receipt

Shop around

The internet is your shopping haven. Gone are the days where you have to pay the first price in store; shopping around can save you a fortune. Our friend Nicole is a huge fan of internet shopping.

“eBay was our wedding saviour. I managed to find all the necessary items to create my own finishing touches, and was often able to find things we had ruled out because of the cost. We built our table plan, our table names and a sweet shop buffet all from bits I found on eBay”.

Google Shopping is a great place to compare prices, and a quick search online for voucher codes will often help you save even more.

Saving concept for wedding reception

What’s your priority?

For some of us it’s the dress, for others it’s the photographer, but every couple has a few non-negotiables for their big day. Decide on these as soon as you start planning, make a list in order of priority and then you can allocate your wedding fund accordingly. George got married last year, and found this a huge help when it came to allocating the budget.

“Our non-negotiable was the wedding band. We knew we wanted a particular band so they were top of our list, but making us a list helped us decide what was important to both of us, and what we weren’t so fussed about, so we knew where we could cut costs.”

Couple doing their wedding budget

Do you have any budget busting tips we haven’t covered? Are you struggling with your wedding spending or are you king of the calculator? Give us your thoughts in the comments box below.

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Planning Keeping focused and not overspending