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John Lewis – your one-stop wedding shop

by | 19 November 2016 | Inspiration

We all know John Lewis don’t we? A British institution; your mum’s (and the UK’s) favourite High Street retailer; purveyors of emotionally moving Christmas TV adverts. Yes, yes, we all know John Lewis. But why do we love the brand so much?

To paraphrase my mum: ‘Because you can get everything under one roof’. And she’s right; you can get a hoover, a cheese grater, some socks and a cream tea. All in one shop.

But what John Lewis does that other department stores don’t is really (really) think about what their consumers want. And nowadays, that’s a truly integrated retail experience.

Take the Weddings section of their online store, for example. All in one hit, a couple of nearlyweds can set up a wedding gift list; shop for women’s wedding fashion, including the bride; shop for men’s wedding fashion, including the groom; get table and room decorations, and sort out wedding insurance.

You can even get free online wedding planning tools through John Lewis’ partners, Wedding Planner, if you like.

But that’s just the start.

The retail giant also offers crafty kits for those of you who are DIYing various aspects of your wedding. For that personal touch, you can make your own wedding favour bags, create your own flower corsages and make your own hair accessories.

Or you can draw inspiration from their various wedding projects and ideas – my favourite being this guide to making a ladder table plan.

It’s a fact: John Lewis is taking their ‘one-stop shop’ label to a whole new level. And it’s especially amazing for all the nearlyweds out there who are planning their wedding and could do with the most streamlined shopping experience possible. So for that (and your cream teas), we thank you John Lewis.

Have you made any of John Lewis’ DIY wedding projects? If so, we’d love to know how they turned out; let us know in the comments box below.

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