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Can you have a ‘no sugar’ wedding?

by | 22 October 2016 | Health & Fitness

Going sugar-free is becoming more and more popular. I did it for 30 days as part of the Whole30 diet and I felt great. But could I stick to it every day for the rest of my life? I >mean, could I throw a ‘no sugar’ wedding and expect all my guests to join in, or will they not notice? This week we’re exploring the idea of having a sugar-free wedding.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about processed sugars here. So if you were cutting sugar out of your wedding-day menu, you’d probably have to say goodbye to some alcohol, fizzy pop and that three-tiered cake you’ve always dreamed about…or would you?

This week Laura Wheeler, the baker behind Peppermint Kitchen’s crazy good floral bakes, shares her insights as an all-round cake connoisseur.

Laura Wheeler owner of Peppermint Kitchen

Can people have a refined-sugar-free wedding?

‘It is possible, but it’ll be harder. It’s not the dessert course that will be the problem – there are so many ways and means of cutting out the white stuff for more natural alternatives in desserts, just ask Instagram. The tricky part will be the canapes, entrees and main courses, as sugars sneak into everything. So if you’re considering a sugar-free wedding, it depends on how deep you want to dig into it and how creative your caterer can be’

Do you think the no-sugar concept is just a phase?

‘I don’t think it will pass. People are becoming more educated on the subject, they’re reading labels and food producers are being called into account. So I think sugar-free wedding numbers will increase, but slowly, and never to super-high numbers. This is because weddings are a celebration, and sugary foods have been long associated with special occasions, loving memories and good times. It will take very dedicated no-sugar couples to overlook that.’

Sugar free cake from top down

As a baker, what can you do in the way of a sugar-less wedding cake?

‘There’s heaps of cakey combinations using honey, dates and fresh fruit to sweeten cakes. They all have their own natural kind of sweetness. And I love doing these requests as they’re different and definitely a challenge! But what I create depends on what my clients want. I’m doing a sugar-free wedding cake in a few months and they’re actually going for a weekly market staple of mine – the refined-sugar-free (RSF) honey, lemon and berry.

Okay, but does the lack of sugar affect the taste and cost?

RSF cakes are definitely different as they tend to be a little less sweet, but a lot of people like that now. As for the cost, it does go up slightly as the ingredients you use (local honey, fruit, etc) cost more. But a big part of what you’re paying for is the baker’s skill and creativity.

Coming into this, I thought cutting processed sugar out of your wedding menu would be a limiting factor. No alcohol, no gooey chocolate dessert, no three-tiered meringue cake. And sure, it could be slightly restrictive if you’re 100% committed to omitting the white stuff completely. But if you just want to curb your wedding guests’ sugar intake, it seems you might not have to give up So, we’ve set the record straight; you can have that sugar-free dream three-tiered wedding cake after all.

Sugar free cake on stand

Planning a sugar-free wedding or already ticked that box? We’d love to hear your insights. Tell us how easy/tricky/challenging/delicious it was in the comments box below.

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Health & Fitness Can you have a ‘no sugar’ wedding?