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Skincare: tips for fantastic wedding day skin

by | 19 October 2016 | Hair & Beauty

We all want that bride or groom glow when we walk down the aisle, but what exactly can we do to ensure our skin is in the best shape for the big day? Read on for our tops tips on how to prepare your skin for your wedding day.

Plan that regime

When it comes to skincare, no time is too soon to start a good regime. The more time you have to assess your skin and to address any issues, the better. If you’re looking to start a new routine, do it around a year before the wedding, and you’ll have plenty of time to discover what works for you and to reap the benefits. Don’t worry if you’ve not got this long, just make sure you start as soon as possible.

Beauty regime

Eat clean

We are what we eat. We all know it, and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to clear and healthy skin. If you’re on a wedding diet (check out our series on wedding diets to find the perfect pre-wedding plan) you’ve probably already started to notice some skin improvements. That said, diet or not, eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg and incorporating some superfoods into your diet will help combat ageing, could battle breakouts and will help you get that coveted all round glow. Blueberries, kiwis, spinach, sweet potatoes and tomatoes are some of the top skin boosting superfoods.

Salmon healthy meal

Hydration, hydration, hydration

We all know that water is good for you. We all know we should be drinking eight glasses a day. What we don’t all know is that those glasses don’t have to be boring. Give your water a spruce up with some detox water recipes. From cucumber, lemon and mint water, to strawberry spa water, it’s hydration and a taste sensation all in one, and your skin will thank you for it.

Fresh water with lemons

Facial pampering

When it comes to wedding day prep, many of us are keen to book in a pampering facial just before the big day. Be wary of doing this, facials can include everything from pore extractions to skin peels, all of which can irritate the skin and might take some time to calm down and reveal that post-facial glow. If you want to turn to the professionals, start a pampering regime long before the wedding; your aesthetician can best evaluate your needs and have your skin looking in tip top shape well ahead of the wedding day.

Women with cucumber eye pads

New skin treats

As much as the latest new fangled product might tempt you, avoid using any new skincare solutions in the immediate run up to the wedding day. You never know how a product is going to affect your skin, so it’s best to have your skincare routine locked down and working hard way before the big event.

New beauty routine


If you’re planning on faking that sunshine glow, make sure you have a trial tan first. Go pro and get a spray tan to avoid any streaks, and remember to keep the shade natural to avoid that fake bake orangey hue.

Tan lines

Whether you’re a bride perfecting her wedding makeup, or a groom with a facial hair look all laid out, great skin will give you the perfect base for looking your best on your big day. Let us know if you have any secret skincare tips in the comments box below.

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