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Guide to wedding day shoes

by | 7 September 2016 | Wedding Apparel

Although the wedding dress is the priority for most brides to be, for many others, it’s all about the shoes. Here are a few top tips to consider when you’re picking the perfect pair.

Which to choose first?

Most brides will choose their dress first, and it is far easier to hunt for shoes in the style of your dress than the other way round, however, if you’re a real shoeaholic, you might have earmarked your ultimate pair a long time ago. Chances are, your natural taste will dictate a similar style, but do look to complimentary styles whichever way round you choose to shop.

Bride picking her wedding shoes

To heel or not to heel?

Some of us were practically born in heels, others couldn’t think of anything worse than a day spent in stilettos. Go with your gut on this one, and don’t divert from the type of shoes you would normally wear. You’ll be wearing your shoes for at least eight hours, you’ll have all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle, and you’ll be standing for photos for some time, so choose a heel height you’re comfortable with and can naturally walk in. Keep in mind your dress length too, and take your shoes to any alternations appointments so they can adjust your dress accordingly.

Bride boots

White out

If you’re going for classic elegance, chances are you will look to shoes in a shade of white. If you want them to match perfectly, have them dyed to the exact tone of your wedding dress, or go for a slight contrast such as champagne, silver or gold. Alternatively, you can turn the tradition completely on its head with some statement shoes. Look to rainbow shades, glitter, mirrored heels and jewel embellishments for the wow factor.

Bride shoes in red

Keep your location in mind

Your location shouldn’t strictly determine your shoe choice, but it might have an effect if you’re getting married somewhere unconventional. Beach weddings are a great excuse for sandals and bridal flip flops, garden weddings are perfect for wedges and winter weddings are ideal for ankle boots.

Brides feet near a bike on grass - Pexels

Wear them in

Most of us have experienced the pain of a night out in a brand new pair of heels. Road test your wedding shoes to avoid the sore tootsies on the big day. Wear them inside so you don’t damage them, and be sure to try cushion inserts, insoles and heel grips for extra comfort.

Women in the street walking - Pexels

Pamper those peepers

Don’t forget to treat your feet before the big day. Spoil yourself with a pedicure and not only will your feet look fabulous in your shoes, they will be more comfortable too.

Women pampering her legs and feet

Have you got any helpful tips for wedding day shoes? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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