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Ideas for a football themed wedding

by | 6 August 2016 | Stories

If you and your fiancé are massive footy fans, a football themed wedding could be great fun. It could also be a cheesy, naff mess. Our friend Jo managed to perfectly integrate a footy theme wedding into her wedding. So let’s find out how she did it.

Meet Jo

Jo is a massive Southampton FC fan, as is her husband, Sam.

Actually, we’ll just let her explain:

“Sam and I both have a passion for sport especially football and Southampton FC. Sam, his Dad (our best man) and his two brothers (our ushers) are season ticket holders and I go watch them live whenever I can. Saints always seem to perform badly when I am in the crowd though! Our life together has always included a routine of footy fixtures, live matches and Monday night football.”

“It was my idea to have a football themed wedding. Obviously Sam had no objection and we got busy planning how we would make it happen without letting it take over or be too tacky.”

Football themed wedding


A quick word on official football club weddings

Jo and Sam’s wedding didn’t have any official involvement from Southampton FC, although a friend did get them a video message from Saints legend Matt Le Tissier.

But official football club weddings are very much a thing. It’s not cheap, but if you want to get married in the stadium of your favourite team, give them a call.

From what we’ve heard, the prawn sandwiches at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium are outstanding, while Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium is a great choice if you don’t like to be disturbed by too much noise. If want to prove your marriage is going to be strong and resilient, you could get married on a wet Wednesday night at Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium. And we heard you can even get married in the trophy room at Tottenham’s White Hart Lane stadium, because it’s currently not being used for anything.

So how did Jo and Sam make their unofficial footy wedding work?

After a quick chat with Jo, we think these three things had the biggest impact on making their day a success:

They made it a surprise

“Everyone knew where and when we were getting married but we kept the content of the day a secret from everyone (including our parents) so every element created smiles and laughter.”

“Most people were really pleasantly surprised about how we weaved the theme through our day and for it not to be overrun with football. We did have an impromptu ‘Oh When The Saints‘ cheer, but that was led by me.”

They kept it subtle and playful

They applied their football theme more to the small details of the day, rather than letting it consume the entire occasion. Here’s Jo’s list of the little things that made it work:

  • “We had football ticket style invites”
  • “Our order of service was laid out like a match day programme”
  • “We sang the hymn ‘Oh When the Saints’ as part of our service”
  • “Our table plan was made up of team shirts on the St Marys football pitch”
  • “Our table numbers were Sam’s ‘top Saints’ shirts”
  • “Our table names were our favourite shirts of all time on little hangers”
  • “We had football scarfs (proper ones) as our wedding favours”

“My advice would be there are so many things you could do but don’t let it completely overrun your day. Don’t get carried away. There were times when Sam had to keep holding me back and reminding me it was a wedding and not a footy event.”

Football themed wedding

They kept it true to their personalities

“All our guests, regardless if whether they were football fans or not, loved how we managed the day.”

“I think it was because it was different to other weddings they’d been to. It was a nice balance between theme and tradition and overall they knew it was Sam and I to a tee. We thought Sam’s mum would be mad at what we’d done but she kept saying ‘this is so you’.”

So if you’re planning on doing something similar to Jo and Sam, just follow their lead on these three things and it should go down a storm.

One last tip from us

Try to imbue your wedding with the true spirit of the football team you support.

If you’re a Newcastle fan, for example, make sure your wedding is shambolically managed, but with really passionate, dedicated guests.

Big Liverpool fan? Have a fairly decent wedding, but liven it up with constant reminders of how great your parents’ weddings were.

And finally, if you’re a Norwich fan, be sure to book a venue that has lots of stairs – it’ll give your wedding that familiar up and down, yo-yo feel to it.

Have you ever been to a football themed wedding? How was it? Let us know in the comments.

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