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10 Top Tips for Beautiful Bridal Hair

by | 8 June 2016 | Hair & Beauty

There is so much to think about when it comes to bridal beauty. Wedding hair is usually at the top of the list, so here’s our ten top tips for beautiful bridal hair.

1. Get inspired

Create a mood board, a Pinterest board, whatever you need to save any inspiration. Try to look for photos of people with similar colouring to yourself, and you’ll get a much better idea of what will suit you. Red carpet looks are a great source for classic hairstyles.

2. Talk to your stylist

If you want a different colour or a new cut for your big day, talk to your regular hair stylist and colourist at least six months before the wedding. They can give you plenty of advice, and help you plan towards achieving your dream look. You can check out some tips from a hair professional in our recent post about wedding vendors.

3. The Hair Trial

We all know you need a hair trial before you pick your wedding hair stylist. Make sure you go prepared – take photos, mood boards and plenty of inspiration, and be open to new ideas from them. Make sure you book your trial well in advance, just in case you change your mind…

Bride at hairdressing salon

4. Don’t be afraid of extensions

Hair extensions have moved way past their glamour girl vibe. Now they’re often the key to adding bounce, volume and length. Talk to your stylist about using them to enhance your style rather than dominate it.

5. Mask it up

If you want to ensure you have luscious locks on the big day, spend the last few months pampering your hair. Look to masks and oil treatments to keep it healthy and glossy.

6. Feed your hair

Many of us turn to the pre-wedding diet to fit into our dream dress, so why not think about your hair too? Eat your way to shiny tresses, with plenty of protein, iron and vitamins. You can even look to supplements that will give you some extra nourishment.

7. Remember the veil

If you’re wearing a veil, don’t forget to incorporate it when you’re planning your hairstyle. Remember to take it to your trial, so your stylist can help you decide where best to place it.

Makeup artist preparing beautiful luxury stylish brunette bride hair for special wedding day

8. Accessorise

Don’t be afraid to accessorise your hair. Look to vintage clips and hair combs for something elegant, or talk to your florist about floral features you can work into your style.

9. Don’t do anything drastic

We can all fall victim to a few rash decisions when it comes to that last stretch of wedding planning. Whatever you do, don’t let the spontaneity go to your head… That means no perms, no bleach baths, and certainly no sudden pixie cuts (unless any of those are a regular occurrence in your hair regime).

10. Maintain it

Most stylists will only be with you whilst you’re getting ready, so it’s helpful to get some tips on how to keep your hair looking preened and polished. Arm yourself and your bridesmaids with mini products to keep things in tip-top condition, and have them on hand to help you with any touch ups in the bathroom.

So there we have it, our guide to great hair for your big day. Do you have any top tips for keeping those locks luscious? Share them with us in the comments below.

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