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The Best Man Diaries (1/6)

by | 1 June 2016 | Hen & Stag

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Best man diaries

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but at some point during the last few years all of my friends seem to have grown up, got engaged, and they’ve even started having babies. This year alone I have four weddings and three stag parties to attend. The last of which, it turns out, I’m going to be the best man for.

With so many weddings and stag parties over the next few months, it seems only logical that I should share my experiences with you, so I welcome you to the Best Man Diaries, where I will chronicle everything from Best Man duties, expectations, experiences, and of course, most importantly, the stag parties. Oh yeah, I might even mention the weddings.

Getting Things Done

I was given quite some time to consider my role as best man, because the groom told me a couple of years back. In the interest of being fully prepared, you would have thought I’d start getting myself organised by reading our Matt’s Best Man Masterclass. Of course not. Don’t be silly. I’ve waited until six months before the big day to really get cracking, and if you ask me, that’s a reasonable amount of time. So now I’ll read his blog, fail to use his tips and make the mistakes all the worst best men do, just so you don’t have to.

I’ve also been invited to two other stag parties over the summer and their conception, organisation and booking have taken place around about the same time as mine has – they’ve left it with less time to spare, so it is possible to do it in less time. But for the sake of those that can never do things when they’re meant to, I suggest starting early, like me – you may just end on time.

I’ve now got five months left before the wedding, and what have I done? What’s next? What’s my plan of action. Let’s take a look.

The Groom Has Just Popped the Question

It’s surely the biggest moment in a man’s life – waiting for the all-important answer to the all-important question -“Will you be my best man?” I said yes, of course, and then I was immediately on the job – “What do you expect of me?”, “What do you need me to do?”, “Do you want strippers at your stag do?”. That’s right. It’s time for all the important questions. Find out what your groom expects of you, make a note of it, and don’t get it wrong. Surely that’s pretty easy, right?

Man analyzing problems


Six Months Before

Right, now it’s time to pull your finger out and get cracking with the most important job of all – organising the most epic stag do of all time. It’s best to have a chat with the groom again before you start. Make sure they really don’t want strippers. Ask them what kind of thing they’re expecting. Do they want it to be a surprise? Once you’ve narrowed down your search parameters a touch, you can ask for a guest list – who does the groom want there? Once you’ve got that sorted and any contact details you need, you’re by yourself. Then you’ll need ideas.

Organising a stag has never been easier. Hundreds of companies are offering their services, ready to organise an excellent stag do for a reasonable price. But my mentality is why bother? Most companies will take a significant cut for what is essentially a simple task. One company recently quoted me a weekend a way at £150 a head when I could sort it out myself for £90 each.

Obviously the price of your stag party will depend largely on what you have planned – me? I’ve got us on a weekend to Nottingham for two nights with a bunch of excellent activities set up. A weekend down on the south coast might cost a touch more; a night out with the boys will vary depending on just how much you’re all planning on drinking.

What’s Next?

Well keep an eye out – over the next six months I will be posting more information on being a best man at weddings and stag parties and what is expected of you next. In the mean-time, if you have any ideas or experience as a best man that you’d like to share, get involved in the comments below.

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