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Minimoon vs Maximoon honeymoons

by | 5 December 2015 | Honeymoons & Travel

I think we speak for everyone when we say that the Honeymoon is one of the best parts about getting married. Forget the ceremony. Forget a night with your family and friends. Honeymoons are epic adventures with your best friend – and don’t forget the hot and steamy… weather.

But what you end up doing depends largely on the amount of time and money you have. Maybe you decide to keep the ceremony cheap so you can have a bigger honeymoon or maybe you wanted to splash out on the wedding day and as a result you can only afford a quick get away for your honeymoon treat. Whichever way you end up going about it, as always, it is about doing what is right for you.

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As you’d imagine, a minimoon is literally a miniature or minimalist honeymoon. It is the post-wedding holiday squeezed into a long weekend. It might not sound ideal, but it is the perfect solution for people short on time or money. A whirlwind honeymoon to Rome or Paris could be just as magical, as long as you spend the money in the right places.

There are great locations that are perfect for a minimoon all within close proximity to England and the best bit is, you still have a huge range of possibilities. Look to the Canary Islands, Morocco or the Mediterranean for beautiful, tropical holidays. Or perhaps you can check out cities like Dubrovnik, Prague and Istanbul for a cheap city break. Head north to Iceland, Norway or the other Scandanavian countries for a cooler, slightly pricier trip. Alternatively you can stay close to home – Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and even England have an incredible amount of amazing locations that make for a quick romantic getaway.

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At the opposite end of the scale, maximoons are honeymoons on speed. They’re luxurious, they’re long and they have a tendency to be expensive (but not always).

While a long VIP treatment getaway might sound like your thing, there are reasons why you might opt for a minimoon instead. To start with, maximoons just don’t have the same urgency, the same passion. They’re often slower and steadier. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on what you’re interested in.

The other thing is, they generally cost more. In fact, unless your minimoon consists of 5 star treatment every day (which would sort of negate the point), it’s pretty much guaranteed that your maximoon will be dearer. Even though a two week holiday to South East Asia might be relatively cheap, the chances are it will still be more expensive (even if it is better value for money).

Maximoon locations are varied. They could be anywhere or anything. From two weeks in the Maldives to a six-month tour around Europe. Your maximoon isn’t defined by the location but rather by the amount of time you spend away.

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But Which is Best For Me?

Well, that sort of depends on what you can afford in both time and money, and of course what suits you as a couple. If your soon-to-be partner in crime doesn’t like the heat, you’re probably not going to go on a Caribbean cruise, but that doesn’t rule out a long holiday, that just rules out locations. If you have no money you’re not going to head out for a safari in the wilds of Africa. But if you have time and money on your hands, sometimes these things are possible.

Sometimes it’s just a case that neither of you really like to travel or be away from family too much. A quick weekend break to Brighton is nothing to frown upon.

Which would suit you best and why? A minimoon or a maximoon? Let us know in the comments below.

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