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Grooms: how to look your best

by | 19 September 2015 | Health & Fitness

Brides go to incredible lengths to look their very best for their wedding. So it’s only fair for you, the groom, to make sure the other halves of the wedding photos look just as good.

So here’s a quick and easy overview on what distinguishes a dashing groom from a slapdash groom.


If ‘you are what you eat’, then your skin looks how you live.

If you’re already a fairly healthy guy but you want that extra bit of glow, it just needs a bit of extra effort and a commitment to routine.

Start using a proper exfoliating facewash, get your running shoes on, drink lots of water, moisturise and maybe even indulge in the occasional facemask if you’re willing to really go for it.

(If you’re a stranger to such concepts, go to a big cosmetics store and ask whichever member of staff has the best skin.)

If your typical evening involves microwave meals, lager and cigarettes, then it won’t be so easy. Don’t go thinking the occasional handful of facial exfoliant will gloss over a nightly routine of body abuse.

We’ll talk about smoking a bit later, but unless you’re naturally blessed with perfect, toxin-proof skin, step one for a great complexion is less booze, less bacon.

Facial hair

No matter what kind of facial hair you prefer, the goal is the same: rock up at the ceremony looking neat and tidy, but with no shaving rash or irritated skin of any kind.

Ideally you don’t want to shave on the morning of the wedding. The only time you would risk it is if you’re a clean shaven kinda guy with insanely fast-growing facial hair.

Otherwise, the night before will be fine for a clean cut look. If you like a bit of stubble, a beard or a ‘tache, then you probably already know what kind of timescale works between shaving and looking your very best.

If you’ve got the time, it’s worth taking your groomsmen down to a nice barbershop for a professional shave.

Professional wet shave


Picking out your clothing is far too big a topic for us to cover in a few paragraphs, so if you’re yet to make a decision, take a look at these:

Gentlemen’s wedding outfits: to buy or not to buy

Grooms’ fashion trends for 2015

But once you’ve got your threads for the day, you should do something few people do – properly wear it. Obviously don’t wear it down to Sainsbury’s while you do your big shop, but hang around the house in it for a good while until you feel comfortable in it.

Also, remember to put a bit of thought into your accessories. Your cufflinks, your socks, your shoes and the way you tie your tie – these things will be noticed.

It’s easy to picture a full-body wedding photo and think ‘no one will even see my cufflinks’, but a good photographer will always look for details.

The little things

  • Fingernails – cut them short and make sure they’re clean. Many grooms forget this one.
  • Eyebrows – they don’t have to be perfect, but errant hairs or the infamous unibrow are quick and easy to fix.
  • Nosehairs – they’re more noticeable that you think, especially if you’re tall, so a quick snip or pluck may be needed.
  • Teeth – make sure you book in a trip to the hygienist fairly close to the wedding. And use some whitening toothpaste.

Purple laces

The big things – quitting smoking a losing weight

If you’re a smoker, or if you have a bit of a belly on ya, we don’t think anyone has the right to tell you to change. But if you want to, the key is to commit as early as possible.

Figure out what drives you most and use that as your motivation. If you just want to look your best for your bride (or indeed groom) on the day, then make a pledge to her. Say you’re determined to drop two stone or quit smoking before the wedding. Then any thoughts of giving up will be tempered by the thought of letting her down.

Weddings can be stressful enough, so doing it without your precious ciggies might seem like a scary prospect. But take it from this former smoker – the death sticks only quell the stress they create themselves. Once you’ve kicked them for a couple of months, the world feels lighter, cleaner, brighter, and your wedding cake will taste a whole lot sweeter. (And that’s without even mentioning your breath.)

And finally…relax

Nothing ruins your look like stress. So if nearlywed jitters are showing on your face, go for a massage. Play golf. Talk to someone about it. Go walking. Go fishing. Whatever chills you out, do it.

It’s easy to think you’re too busy to have some ‘me time’, but it’s well worth it. It’ll help make you the most relaxed and well-groomed groom you can be.

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Health & Fitness Grooms: how to look your best