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Wedding prep checklist (4/6): Two months to go

by | 18 July 2015 | Planning

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Wedding prep checklist

Not long to go now. With just two months until your wedding, you should have all the heavy lifting done (especially if you’ve been following our checklists) – but it won’t feel like it.

Let’s get cracking with our list of things to do when you’re within two months of your wedding.

Two months to go…

Meet with your photographer

Be as specific as you can about the type of photos you want. If you didn’t have an engagement session, you’ll need to go into more detail.

So give your photographer lots of examples using other wedding photos you really like. Ask for a specific style to create a consistent storyboard.

Don’t skimp on the details just because you’re worried about coming across as fussy or controlling. However bad you are, they’ve had worse.

Once your photographer knows exactly what you want, make sure everyone else knows. It’s worth asking your photographer “what instructions should I give my wedding party?” – that makes sure they don’t have to spend ages explaining on the day while everyone’s frantically getting ready.

Engaged couple meeting with a photographer

Book trial sessions for your makeup and hair

For your hair session, remember to take with you any headgear you’ll be wearing on the day.

Hair and makeup sessions are less important for the groom, but if you decide to have them, we totally commend your dedication to looking good.

Draw up a wedding day timetable

And make sure it’s easy to read at a glance. On the day, you’ll both want your timetables to hand at all times.

The groom will have plenty of pockets to choose from, so that’s no problem. As for the bride, well, you’ve got two options: You can entrust your timetable to a bridesmaid, who’ll be on hand most of the time, or you can just stuff it down the front of your dress.

If you choose the latter option, take some time to make sure you can do it comfortably. A page of A5, folded three times, has some pretty sharp corners.

Buy gifts

Easy to forget this one. Usually it’s just little gifts for the bridesmaids and the parents, but it’s always best to include anyone who’s really helped with your wedding prep.

Not much advice we can give you about gifts. If you know them well, then you’ll know exactly what will make a good gift. If you don’t know them well, then, erm…why are they in your wedding party?

Check in on the stag and hen do prep

If things have been suspiciously quiet, just catch up with whoever’s planning them, to make sure their plans aren’t in total disarray.

Young men and women in a club

With one month to go

Double check EVERYTHING

Venue, photographer, prices, payments, hair stylist, florist, car, caterer, clean-up, hotel, honeymoon, DJ, times, dates, colours, lengths, lighting, invitations, names, tables, chairs.

If you can think of anything else, double check it. Then double check your measurements at your final dress fitting and double check your rings. If they don’t look immaculate, get them cleaned. If they do look immaculate, double check.

Again, don’t worry about your vendors thinking you’re being too pushy or controlling – the fact that you’re even conscious of coming across that way means they’ve seen much, much worse.

Give your notice of marriage to your local register office

You don’t need to do this if you’re getting married in the Church of England or Church of Wales – because you’ll have your banns read instead.

And finally…chill

If you followed our advice and double checked everything last month, you’ve got no reason to fret. You will anyway, but you can remind yourself it’s just natural nerves – not actual stress from being unprepared.

So try to relax. If you can’t relax with sunbathing, spa days or golf, go skydiving. Whatever gets you back on an even keel.

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Planning Wedding prep checklist (4/6): Two months to go