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Unplugged weddings vs #PluggedInWeddings – THE FINALE

by 2 May 2015Couple

This week, my unplugged/plugged wedding series is coming to an end. Sob. But, thanks to Peter Edwards Photography, it’s going out with a bona fide bang.

If you’re scratching you’re head and thinking ‘What series?’, have another look at my article on unplugging your wedding by having a no-phones policy. Then read the follow-up on plugging in your wedding by encouraging guests to use their phones. And, now we’re all up to speed, it’s time to immerse yourself in the final instalment. Ahem, this one right here.

They say good things come in threes. So I’m rounding off the series with this amazing infographic from Peter and Tegwyn of Peter Edwards Photography, Perth. (Yes, Perth. Yes the one in Australia!)

Based on the social media wedding vs unplugged wedding, Peter and Tegwyn sent us this really useful visual representation of what I was on about in my previous articles. And it’s got some solid evidence thrown in for good measure. Like the fact that 28% of brides-to-be update their social media statuses within a few hours of say ‘YES’. And that 55% of couples create a personalised hashtag for their wedding.

These figures just go to show what a big part social media plays in some of our lives. And that more and more people are consciously making the decision to incorporate mobile phones and social media into their big day.

Yes, there are still people who don’t ‘get’ social media, whether it’s on a practical or a moral level. There are also people who were once social media heads but have consciously taken a step back (guilty). But, whether you’re on the bandwagon or not; all for sharing your waking moments online or against it, there’s no denying that social media is becoming more prevalent in places we least expected. And now it’s the wedding world’s turn.

Check out the infographic to see if a social media or an unplugged wedding is right for you. And even if neither of them faze you, it’s an interesting reflection on the current wedding scene all the same.

Like always, we love hearing about your plans. So, if you’re dabbling with the idea of a no-phones policy, or struggling to short list your favourite personalised wedding hashtags, let us know. If the jury’s still out, this awesome infographic should be able to help.

Peter Edwards Social Media Vs Unplugged Weddings

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Couple Unplugged weddings vs #PluggedInWeddings – THE FINALE